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An Uncompromising Approach to Claims

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A fast response and a fair settlement are expected when it comes to high net worth insurance. PURE goes above and beyond by truly understanding the impact a loss has had on a member's life, family and well-being.

Uncompromised Claims

Uncompromised Claims

We’re designed to give you a faster, more personalized response

Pure Claims Process

PURE Claims Process

Faster, More Personalized Response

Claims are reported to licensed adjusters, so you tell your story only once and you deal with someone that cares about your claim. A single adjuster means a single point of contact.

Typical Claims Process


Typical response

It might be a number of hours before you hear from an adjuster and you could be assigned multiple adjusters, leading you to tell your story multiple times.

We save you time after an initial claim is reported

PURE Member Advocates

Only PURE offers Member Advocates, a team of concierge-level professionals that are dedicated to making life easier and reducing administrative hassles during the claims process. They’ll research contractors and other vendors on your behalf, locate temporary housing (that meets your standards) and search tirelessly for a replacement for that rare item that was damaged. They’ve even been known to make dinner reservations.


Most insurers reassign thousands of claims per year, sometimes as a result of turnover or as part of their process. Any reassignment could create disruption for the policyholder so we work hard to prevent them. We’re proud to report our longest period of time without turnover spanned more than two years.

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We keep you connected and informed


Online Claims Tracker

PURE provides 24/7 access with our online Claims Tracker. It lets you see key details of your claim: contacts, assigned vendors and payment status. Our claims adjusters are measured on how well they keep members informed on the progress of a claim. The vast majority of members give the highest rating, 10 out of 10, to our claims adjusters.

After a loss, we make you and your home more resilient

Getting back to normal means not worrying that your current loss could happen again. That’s why our homeowners policy includes a $2,500 loss mitigation benefit – money you can use to make your home safer or better equipped to prevent the loss from recurring. A couple of other companies offer a similar benefit, but PURE goes the extra mile by assigning PURE Member Advocates to study losses. They research preventative solutions and help the member spend that benefit.

We have helped to make hundreds of homes safer following a loss by investing in things like alarm upgrades, lightning suppression systems, water leak detection devices, permanently installed generators and much more.


Case Study:
How PURE Insurance Built A Customer-Obsessed Business



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We believe a truly exceptional claims experience can only be created by standing in the shoes of the member and finding ways to make life better when it’s needed most. Doing so requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and empowerment. We call it ‘purEQ’, and it’s so important to us that we screen and train our employees for it.

A Commitment to Preventing Losses

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PURE Situation Room

Pure Situation Room

In the event of a major risk – from catastrophic weather to safety recalls – we alert impacted members, offer resources to make them smarter and safer about the situation, and mobilize our Member Advocates to help. We also provide proactive risk management insights intended to help members prevent losses before they happen.

Visit the PURE Situation Room

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Pure Cybersafe Solutions

47% of adults in the US have had their personal information exposed to hackers. That’s why we designed resources and services to help you assess, prevent, detect and responds to cyber threats so you can keep your identity and your wealth safe in an ever-connected world.

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Risk Management Consultation

Our team of Risk Management Consultants and a network of other specialized providers offer personalized advice to decrease the likelihood of damage to property and to minimize the impact of a loss.

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Designed With Your Busy Lifestyle in Mind

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For your convenience, we provide 24/7 claims reporting, 365 days a year. If you need to reach Member Services on Saturday, we’re open. Our innovative Member Portal provides 24/7 access to important policy, billing and claims information from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Lastly, we provide simple and secure e-delivery of policy and billing documents.

A Highly Selective Broker Network

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fewer than 5% of all brokers in the U.S. are able to represent PURE

Ours are among the most qualified and respected in their field. They work alongside us so you receive sound guidance and comprehensive coverage. These brokers represent many companies and we encourage them to always work in your best interest.

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